My first Pudding, yay! Worked on her all day, now I just got to pick out her other outfits and get playing! 

Her name is Blair, because with her pale skin, dark hair and eyes and that adorable outfit by Anubis reminded me so much of Blair Waldorf.

And so the battle against the pudding begins… 

Part II of my 200 Followers gift! Sorry it took so long to finish, but I made so many preview pictures! Here is what you get:

1. My very first set of skins, in 9 colors, including defaults. No supernatural’s yet, I’m still working on them and I hope I will have them posted soon! They also don’t come townified&geneticized, because for some reason WW kept throwing errors and I gave up. 

None of the models in the previews are wearing make-up, so you can see what the skin really looks like. 

2. Two of my models that have been requested, Effie & Isma. They come with and without CC, bodyshop pictures and CC lists are included in the folders!

Credits: Mouseyblue (Nose), Pooklet (base),Ephemera (body) and Lilith (Lips)

If there are any problems with the files, please let me know! And finally: